Negin Armistead

23 de agosto 2018


My name is Negin Armistead and I will be your maestra (teacher) this year. I am happy to welcome you to Spanish 2. ¡Bienvenidos! (Welcome!)

While this letter is written in English, you’ll soon find that this class is conducted in Spanish 90% of the time. You may feel confused, lost, or nervous, but, as they say in Costa Rica, “Cero estrés” (zero stress). I don’t expect you to understand everything. In fact, it is completely natural for you to struggle to understand, and have to search for clues of meaning. This is what language learning is all about! Before long, you’ll be communicating and comprehending more than you thought possible. The important thing is to have patience and the courage to speak!

This year we will focus on communication as our primary goal. You will learn how to discuss what you like and don’t like, describe your school schedule and household routines, compare preferences, give commands, and speak in a variety of tenses, such as present progressive (-ing), preterite (past actions), imperfect (past habits), and near future. All grammar will be rooted by authentic conversation and culture. Many of your assessments will be authentic, using your skills in performance tasks like ordering in Spanish at a restaurant, or comparing prices at a local Mexican grocery store. These assessments gauge your real-world skills while allowing us fun field trips and exciting learning opportunities.

Much of what we will learn originates from my experiences traveling and living in Spain, the Canary Islands, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and the Latin American countries of Chile, Argentina and Peru. I have also studied Spanish formally, receiving a major in Spanish from Bates College and a Master of Arts in Teaching at Gratz College.

I look forward to learning with you this year, and forging alliances with your parents. With all of us on board, I am confident that you will have a successful year learning Spanish!

Por favor, join me in this adventure of cultural exploration and Spanish language interaction. ¡Vámonos! Let’s go!

 Sra. Armistead


  • What if I don’t remember any Spanish?
    That’s okay! We’ll review what you learned in Spanish 1.
  • What if I don’t understand what you are saying?
    That’s okay! You’ll gradually improve your listening and comprehension skills. I’ll also use slower speech, cognates (similar sounding words in Spanish and English), hand and body gestures, pictures, and facial expressions to help. I’ll also sometimes ask you to guess what I am saying by repeating me in English. You can use English in these situations, since I am prompting you.
  • What if I really need to ask you something in English?
    Just ask permission first: ¿Puedo hablar inglés por favor? (Can I speak English please?) Then I’ll say (yes), and you can ask in English.
  • What if I am still really scared or stressed out?
    I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in my class. Come talk to me before or after school and we can work on a solution.