Donna Hall

Secondary Math 1 (9th Grade) and Math Bridge


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We all start at the same place. It only gets better . . .

Now and . . .
in Junior High!


Hi Everyone. Yes, this is me when I was a student at Berkshire Junior High in Birmingham, Michigan.  Truth is, it goes fast! Before you know it you are a “Grown-up” thinking about what you should/could have done back then.  My advice to you as to be your best-self in all areas. You’d be surprised how much of what you do now affects the person you will become.  Make good choices!

My Credentials. . .
  • I graduated from the State University of New York with a Masters degree in Mathematics and Education. (I am also a Univeristy of Michigan alumni.)
  • I have endorsements in ESL (English as a Second Language), Technology, Elementary and Pre-K.
  • I have been teaching for 21 years.
  • I have taught many levels of secondary mathematics from Pre-Algebra through Calculus and even taught kindergarten for a few years.
  • I’ve also taught Business & Marketing… super fun!
  • I am also a college Adjunct Professor.
My Expectations . . .
  • I expect the best possible from myself and my students.
  • My students and I to have a mutual respect for one another.
  • My desire to teach and your desire to learn to help in your success.
  • Us to have fun with math!