Graduation Planning Guide

Planning Charts

See the TMJH Course Catalog page for the Math, Science, and CTE Pathways charts. If you have questions about planning for high school and beyond, make an appointment with your School Counselor.

PCSD Graduation Policy

Read the full PCSD Policy 9080—Graduation Requirements for greater detail. All promotion and graduation requirements are subject to PCSD Board of Education review and legislative mandates.

Note: On January 21, 2014, the PCSD Board of Education increased the number of required completed units of credit to 28 (an additional 2.0 Elective credit). The new graduation requirement will apply to students graduating in or after 2019.

Graduation Requirements:

Credits are the units by which academic progress is measured. A minimum of 28 credits, distributed among specific subject areas, is required for graduation from Park City High School. Students have the opportunity to earn 8 credits toward graduation each year of grades 9-12. Students earn .25 credit per quarter for each successfully completed class (letter grade of D- or better).

Utah State Rule 53A-13-109.5 requires ALL students to pass a basic civics exam for graduation. Park City School District students will be tested in their senior year U.S. Government class. Students opting to take and the U.S. Government course online will be required attend a sitting of the exam in spring of their senior year.

Courses that award credit toward high school graduation (grades 9-12) are indicated in the course catalog by these department codes:

1.0 = Career & Technical Education (CTE)
0.5 = Computer Literacy (CT)
8.5 = Elective (EL)
4.0 = English (E)
0.5 = Financial Literacy (FIN)
1.5 = Fine Arts (FA)
0.0 = World Language (FL) (not required for graduation, but some Universities require 2-3 years for admission)
0.5 = Health (HL)
1.5 = Healthy Lifestyles/PE (HL)
3.0 = Mathematics (M) – includes Secondary Math I, II, and III, or successful completion of Calculus
3.0 = Science (S) – includes 1 physical science, 1 biological science, and 1 student choice
4.0 = Social Studies (SS)
28.0 = Total

Courses designated as NC (no credit) do not award graduation credit.

9th Graders: Your grades count toward high school graduation! Students who receive F’s (0 credit) in any of their 9th grade core classes (English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Comp Tech, and PE) must make up those failed quarter grades in order to graduate. Students must meet with their school counselor for remediation options.

8th Graders: Courses taken during the student’s 8th grade year do not earn high school graduation credit and do not appear on the Park City High School transcript. A student’s 8th grade year officially ends on the day after the last day of school.

Graduation Pathways

The Graduation Pathways matrix was prepared by the PCHS site-base committee as a guide for PCHS students and parents as they plan the student’s course of study during his or her high school years. It is especially valuable for 8th grade students and their parents, because many hopes and dreams that Park City families have require careful educational planning right from the day the student enters high school. For example, the minimum requirement the Park City School District sets for a diploma from PCHS are simply not adequate for admission to all selective American colleges and universities. The graduation pathways guidelines are intended to help counsel parents and students in course selections appropriate to those families’ plans after graduation.

Graduation Pathways attempts to incorporate two important considerations when making course selections: general areas of career interest and post-high school educational goals. Parents and students have told PCHS that the Graduation Pathways is a useful tool as they organize their high school years.

College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness Meetings are an opportunity for the student, parents, and school counselor to discuss student strengths and future goals, along with individual academic planning as students prepare to enter the high school years. Treasure Mountain’s school counselors conduct individual CCR meetings during the 8th grade year. See the College and Career Readiness page for more information.


“Naviance” is a college and career readiness platform that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals. “Family Connection” is a customizable planning portal for students and families including self-discovery assessments, goal-setting, college research tools, course planning, career exploration resources, and individual learning plans. Students will use “Family Connection” as part of the College and Career Readiness curriculum provided by the school counselors in grades 8-12. Thank you to the Park City Education Foundation for funding this incredibly valuable tool for our students!

Career and Technical Education

Technological advances and global competition have changed the nature of work. Jobs today require high-tech knowledge and advanced technical skills. Work and learning will be integral parts of your life as you pursue your personal pathway to success. Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides you with the technical skills and academic knowledge you will need to prepare for life after high school—future employment and/or a successful transition to post-secondary education.

Board of Education Academic Seal of Distinction

The PCSD Board of Education has authorized a “Board of Education Academic Seal of Distinction” that may be affixed to a Park City High School diploma. The seal highlights additional academic and community service requirements in grades 9-12. For information, see the Board of Education Academic Seal of Distinction page, talk to your school counselor or the PCHS Scholarship Adviser, or read PCSD Policy 9080—Graduation Requirements.

NCAA Requirements for Athletes

FOR GRADES 9-12: If you plan to participate in athletics in college at the NCAA Division I or Division II level, you must be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse. Your counselor or the PCHS Athletic Director can provide you with information pertinent to eligibility requirements. However, it is your responsibility to be certain you meet all of the requirements. Park City High School NCAA Information

Online Classes (Outside Credits)

There are a lot of options for online learning these days. Which options are best for your student? There are many important factors to consider, so make sure you are choosing the right online program. Students and parents should discuss outside credit options with their school counselor BEFORE taking ANY online/outside courses for credit.Ultimately, all decisions regarding the selection and completion of outside credit courses are the responsibility of the student and parents. See the Online Courses page for more information.

Treasure Mountain Junior High and Park City High School are obligated to accept high school credits from other educational institutions reflecting the appropriate accreditation for grades 9-12 only. When in doubt, verify with AdvancED ( or your school counselor. A transcript or information from the school should reflect the accrediting agency. Park City High School reserves the right to deny credits that have not been properly approved.

Transfer grades from other accredited schools are added to the Treasure Mountain/Park City High School transcript under the quarter in which they are completed and as awarded by the other school. Transfer grades are calculated into the student’s GPA using the Treasure Mountain/Park City High School grade point values.