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Returning Student/New Student Registration Page


Returning Student Registration

ALL returning students (already enrolled in the Park City School District) need to complete the Returning Student Registration process each school year.  This includes students staying in the same school building AND students rising to the next grade level in a new building.  To complete the Returning Student online registration, click this link:

Snapcode Information

Snapcodes emails were sent out several times this summer. Please check your spam/junk folder first.  If you still didn’t get it, please email Ms. Lockard, our Registrar/Counseling Secretary and include your student’s full name, date of birth, your full name and relationship to the student, and the email address you want the snapcode to go to.  Emails will be answered within 48 hours on week days.  (If you are a new student who pre-enrolled in May, you already completed the online registration with the district registrar.)

Return to this page after you complete the online registration to see if this school has additional registration requirements, or contact the school directly.

Not Returning?  If your student will NOT be returning to the district in the fall, please email Ms. Lockard, Registrar/Counseling Secretary.  Include your student’s full name, the school and grade level they would have been in, and the name and location of their new school, if known.

New Student Enrollment:  If you are NEW to the Park City School District, or a former student who is returning after having withdrawn from a district school, please see the district’s New Student Enrollment page.  Your registration process is different.


New Student Enrollment

New Student Enrollment is for students who are NEW to the Park City School District, and former students who are returning after having withdrawn from a district school.  To enroll a new student, the first step is to complete an online registration and provide the required enrollment documents to the District Registrar.  Click this link:

If you have questions or need assistance with the district enrollment process, please contact the District Registrar, Jossi Hurtado, at

Return to this page after you’ve completed enrollment with the District Registrar to see if this school has additional enrollment requirements.