Registration FAQ

Yes, please do. If your student will not be attending Treasure Mountain for the upcoming school year, please tell us the name and location of your student’s new school for our records. Call the counseling office (435-645-5641) or the front office (435-645-5640). If you are not sure if you will be moving, please wait until you are certain. We don’t want to pull your student out of their class schedule until you know for sure.

Class schedules are NOT final until the first day of school. We are often making changes to our master schedule right up until school starts. A list of the student’s classes will be mailed home as part of the school registration packet in August, but it will not include periods, teachers, or room numbers. Students can pick up a paper copy of their schedule in the Forum beginning at 7:00 a.m. on the first day of school, or they can log into their PowerSchool account if they’ve picked up their laptop.

Every effort is made to give students the classes they want, but sometimes it’s not possible. Reasons can include limited class sizes, limited number of class sections, the class won’t work with the student’s other choices, class cancellations, etc. This is why we ask students to select alternate choices on their registration forms.

It is important to realize that the TMJH master schedule is based upon the student requests made in spring of the previous year. In order to be fiscally responsible, the number of course sections within each subject area are based on these projections. School Counselors spend a considerable amount of time in the spring ensuring students have the required core courses and their chosen electives or alternates, as requested. When a first choice elective or alternate selection is not able to fit in a student’s schedule, the counselor meets directly with the student to find a solution. Once requests are scheduled, it is difficult to make a schedule change because many classes will be at or near capacity. Therefore we anticipate minimal options for schedule changes. See our Schedule Change Policy.

Your lunch will depend on your 3rd period teacher. Treasure Mountain has two lunch times. First Lunch is before 3rd period and Second Lunch is after 3rd period. Students cannot choose their lunch time. Teacher lunch schedules will be posted on the first day of school. Since classes are different on Red and White days, lunch times could be different on Red and White days.

Yes. The 8th grade Health-Physical Education class is a Utah State middle school education requirement, and the 9th grade PE-Participation Skills class is a Utah State high school graduation requirement (UT Admin Rule R277-700-5 and 6). These classes are not just physical education, they also incorporate health, healthy lifestyles, and human sexuality education. Health education gives students the opportunity to acquire knowledge, practical skills, and to develop lifetime attitudes regarding physical activity and healthy lifestyles. Our integrated healthy lifestyles curriculum also teaches students to develop an understanding and respect for self and others.

No. We are not able to offer the option of scheduling classes with specific teachers or at specific times. Our master schedule strives to insure equity and fairness to all students and to maintain balanced class loads. If you have a serious concern about a teacher, you should contact school administration.

At this time, we only offer Honors 8th Grade Math. Students must qualify based on an Honors Math placement test and/or teacher recommendation based on student data. In 9th grade, we offer Honors Secondary Math I, Honors English, Honors Biology, and AP Human Geography.

No. Courses completed prior to 9th grade do not earn high school graduation credit. Those courses will not appear on the student’s high school transcript. Students are considered 9th graders the day after the last day of their 8th grade year.

World language classes are not required, but they are HIGHLY recommended. Many colleges and universities do have world language admissions requirements, like the successful completion of at least a level II of one language.

We currently offer Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese. See the course catalog for course availability each year.

Absolutely. Students may take a second world language class as one of their electives.

Park City High School does not offer a Driver’s Ed program. Students can take Driver’s Education via any state licensed driving school. Or, students can take the classroom portion online via an approved provider, and the driving portion with a state licensed driving school. Driver’s Ed information is available in the counseling office and on the Utah Department of Public Safety Driver Education website.

The student needs to talk to their guidance counselor BEFORE registering for ANY online courses! There are many important things to consider, and there are rules about accreditation and what outside credits we can accept.

8th graders should NOT complete any classes for high school credit until they are officially in the 9th grade. Credits earned before the student completes 8th grade will NOT appear on the student’s high school transcript, and they will NOT count toward graduation. Students are considered 9th graders the day after the last day of their 8th grade year.

Parent Release gives students the opportunity to be released for part of the school day for necessary regularly-occurring off-campus activities, with permission of their parent or legal guardian. During Release time, the student may NOT be on any PCSD school campus. The parent is fully responsible for the student, including transportation. Release should take the place of an elective, but if Release is requested in place of a core academic class, the parent is responsible for the instruction the student will receive in that content area. Call, email, or meet with your Guidance Counselor for more information.