Placement Criteria for Honors & AP

Honors students should commit to higher expectations; expect a minimum five hours of homework weekly; have a good command of proper grammar and advanced vocabulary; turn in assignments promptly and completely; maintain good attendance; demonstrate advanced thinking, reading analysis and writing skills; meet high standards of quality in all work; participate actively in class discussions and behave in a mature manner. Honors and AP courses at TMJH are open enrollment, no placement test or teacher approval is required.
Successful students in these classes tend to fit the same profile:
1. They’re independent learners, self advocates, and persistent in mastering content;
2. They’re not afraid to fail the first time and to take risks, as learning is more important than grades;
3. They possess superior executive functioning skills, like organization and time management, in order to complete tasks quickly and efficiently;
4. They accept and embrace the possibility of an increase in workload and time commitment.
Please reference Course Catalogue for specific course descriptions.