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WHAT YOU NEED KNOW ABOUT RISE Starting in April, RISE will replace SAGE as Utah’s standards assessment for students in grades 3-8. RISE offers students, teachers, and parents an improved overall experience and an opportunity to work collaboratively towards following the Utah State Core Standards. What is Rise: RISE stands for Readiness, Improvement, Success & Empowerment, students in grades 3-8 will participate in RISE, ELA & math will be measured in all grades, science in grades 4-8 & writing in both 5th & 8th grades. What’s New: Only testing grades 3–8, new interface, appearance, & experience, enhanced reports for individual students & teachers, writing assessed for 5th & 8th grades only, and Multistage adaptive format allows students full navigation forward & backward within stages of test. What’s the Same: Performance level descriptors & scale score used for comparability, aligns with Utah CORE Standards, uses Utah item bank questions developed by Utah teachers, adaptive to level of difficulty & depth of knowledge, and interim & benchmark assessments provided as production tools for teachers. Why Test: Evaluate learning & provide specific feedback, measure student growth & achievement, gauge effectiveness of programs & resources, make instructional & policy decisions, and helps students develop test-taking skills. Benefits: Provides tools to inform instruction & increase student achievement, measures student growth & achievement, new state contract is 10 years & RISE will provide schools stability in historical data.

Dates for Testing:

RISE Summative Testing will take place on:

April 30th

Utah RISE (Readiness, Improvement, Success, Empowerment):


RISE Portal, Teacher access:

Test Administration Manual:

Test Administration Manual with Highlights on what you must say during testing:

Rise Makeup Manual:

Online Sampler of Questions:


8th Grade will test:





Expected Test Times:

Utah Aspire Plus – Grades 9 and 10


Utah Aspire Plus Logo 2018-19

Utah Aspire Plus is a hybrid assessment for 9th- and 10th-grade students created through collaboration with Utah educators, the Utah State Board of Education, and Pearson using ACT Aspire and Utah assessment questions. The use of both ACT Aspire questions and Utah assessment questions allow:

  • Alignment to Utah Core Standards and calculation of student growth scores.

Predictive-scoring for Utah’s College and Career Readiness assessment (the ACT)                                                                                                                    ___________________________________________________________________________________________________

Utah Aspire Plus Portal

Testing Date:  April 30, 2019

Testing Times:  All tests are timed and must be completed in the allotted time.*

  • Math: 90 Minutes
  • Science:  60 Minutes
  • Reading: 90 Minutes
  • English: 45 Minutes

*Tests are not divided into sections. Each test must be completed in one sitting (unless the student has an IEP or 504 accommodation for stop-the-clock breaks or for securely extending the test over multiple days).


Testing Resources

Test Blueprints:



Test Administration:

2019 (TAM)

Utah Compose

Utah Compose is a formative writing program. It was created by the same vendor as Utah Write so it has many of the same features including, graphic organizers, prompts with stimulus material, peer review, and the same PEG scoring system.

Utah Compose Guides