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2023-24 School Fees

The Park City Board of Education affirms the principle that a public education should be free to the patrons of the school district and that barriers to public education should be removed wherever possible.  In that effort, the school board has waived the fee requirements for mandatory and academic fees.  The board’s action is not a categorical waiver of all fees.  Fees subject to this action include fees for elective courses and general education expenses.  This action does not extend at this time to extracurricular fees and other fees for activities conducted outside the normal hours of the school day.  In all cases, remaining school fees are subject to State law and district waiver policy.

For the most updated information, please go to this link

AP Tests, Concurrent Enrollment, Credit Remediation, and Extracurricular Activities are not covered by the school board’s waiver at this time.

Fee Waiver Applications can be submitted to the finance secretary, Bev Pacal. The fee waiver will be used in assessing extracurricular fees and some class-related fees. Go here to download application.

Optional Fees that are not covered by the school board’s waiver or the fee waiver application include Yearbook purchases, Park City Education Foundation donations, NJHS dues, field trips, laptop damages and book fines. Pay fees online with a credit card or e-check via eFunds for Schools.  eFunds allows you to make payments any time from home and you even have the option to make recurring payments or installments.  You can pay for all of your district students on one eFunds account.  You will need your child(ren)’s 5-digit student number.  Payments can also be made by cash, check, or credit card in person at TMJH.  In-person credit card payments will be processed through eFunds.  If you prefer not to use eFunds, you must pay with cash or check (payable to TMJH).

Please contact Bev Pacal, finance secretary for any questions regarding fees.

Meal Account Payments:

Meal Accounts:  Add money to your student’s breakfast/lunch account via PayPams. Balances roll over each year.  Free and Reduced Lunch Applications and more information, please go to this link.


Park City Education Foundation (PCEF) Donations can be paid directly on the PCEF Donations page.

PTSO Fees will be paid directly to the PTSO.  Click here to download the 2023-24 PTSO registration form(watch for updated form). To pay for your PTSO membership, click here To make a donation larger than $30 to PTSO, click here. You may also drop off a check made out to TMJH PTSO or pay in cash  in the Main Office to join the PTSO.