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Post High School Planning

Students engage in a variety of post-secondary planning activities during 8th and 9th grade through classroom activities, individual planning meetings, and other activities. We encourage families to utilize multiple resources when talking about life after high school. Take a look at the resources listed below. School counselors are here to support.

Naviance Student Overview

Naviance Student offers innovative, easy-to-use web applications for high school students and their parents. It will help guide students’ academic and career choices, as well as provide you with opportunities for self-exploration, college research, resume building, and more.  Using the programs in Naviance Student, students will be able to link to useful websites, surveys, and many relevant career and college topics. You are welcome to use Naviance whenever you like, although there will be some counselor-directed curriculum, too.  Remember, the more you put into this system, the more you will benefit from it!

  • TMJH Naviance Student Login (if it asks for the school’s zip code, enter 84060)
    Click the "Student" user button.
    Use the "Continue with "Single Sign-on" option.

Career Exploration

This is an opportunity for students to use the self-discovery information developed through their 4-Year planning process and begin to make decisions about possible career pathways.  In addition to the 4-Year planning document, the identity development that they are doing in counseling lessons and activities, and their conversations with members of their personal advisory committees, students can utilize these resources to gain insights and information about possible career pathways they may want to invest in when making decisions about their school plan.  


Post Secondary Research

Following a student's exploration of their career pathways, students will want to start to investigate post secondary options that will help them gain access to the careers that they may want to pursue. Use these links to explore possible college options to gain information about what education options you may want to explore after high school.  This may be a one year certificate, a two year associate's degree, a four year bachelor's degree, or you may even want to pursue education into a masters or Phd program. It is important that students explore both what you want out of a college, but also what colleges want from you in the application process. 


Standardized Testing

Standardized testing is an important part of monitoring progress in school and also demonstrating mastery in different areas of study. Use the following links to help best prepare yourself for getting the most out of these opportunities. 

Students have the opportunity to take the Pre-ACT test in 8th-10th grades. Using test results to see areas of strengths and weakness is helpful in planning test prep. In 11th grade, students take the ACT at PCHS. 


  • The state of Utah has paid for each student to have access to free ACT test prep via the SHMOOP online platform.
    Click here to create a student account. *You’ll need the magic word for access - ask your counselor.

  • SAT Practice & Prep

  • ACT Practice & Prep

Scholarships & Financial Aid

Paying for post secondary education is often a difficult process. There are so many opportunities for gaining access to resources that can help make this process easier and can help you lower the cost of education after high school.  PCHS has a scholarship advisor that can be a resource to help you navigate this aspect of post secondary planning.  Below are some links to get started in 9th grade and make sure you set up an appointment with the scholarship advisor as you transition to 10th grade.