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Individualized High School Planning

The individual planning process begins at TMJH during the 8th grade counseling lessons, where students are encouraged to look inwards to evaluate how they want to fit into the world. Students will experience an inquiry-based self-discovery process where they will learn to cultivate their curiosity about themselves by answering the questions, “What do you care about?”, “Who do I want to be?”, and “How do I want to make an impact on the world?”. 

These inquiry-based questions will then be used by students to make decisions about how they want to build their 4-Year plans for high school: including, how do they want to design their course pathways, what extracurricular activities they want to participate in both in school and in the community, and ultimately develop plans about what they want to do after high school. Self-discovery knowledge and ideas are developed by the student and recorded on a 4-Year planning document so they can keep track of their ideas as they progress through 8th and 9th grade. 

Students will grow and evolve their 4-Year plans as they progress into 9th grade and continue to personalize their designs for high school. Students will use the 4-Year planning tool, self-discovery tools in Naviance, other resources provided by their counselors, and their relationships with their advisory committee (family, peers, teachers, coaches, etc.) to build personalized plans for school. During multiple classroom activities throughout 8th and 9th grade, counselors will work with students in small groups and individually to help students find their unique pathways as they plan for graduation and develop their goals for after high school.  

In 9th grade, counselors will meet formally with each student and their families to go over the 4-Year planning process to ensure that every student has a personalized plan for high school and beyond as they transition to PCHS for their 10th grade year. 

Example 4 Year Planning Document