COVID-19 Cases at TMJH


In an effort to keep our school community safe and healthy, PCSD has set up a testing clinic in the Eccles Center Lobby, attached to the Park City High School.  PCSD students and staff are welcome to drop in for testing Monday- Friday from 7:15am-9:15am.  Registration through RedCap is required before you arrive and is school-specific.  Please use link below(previous links sent are no longer valid):

Rapid tests will be used, so you may have your result before you leave.  If you are unable to wait for your result, RedCap will send you an encrypted email with your result.  Proof of a negative result is not required to return to school, but please remember to follow PCSD sick guidelines when determining if your student is well to return to school.


En un esfuerzo por mantener nuestra comunidad escolar segura y saludable, PCSD ha establecido una clínica de pruebas en el vestíbulo del Centro Eccles de la Escuela Secundaria de Park City. Los estudiantes y el personal de PCSD son bienvenidos a pasar por las pruebas de lunes a viernes de 7:15am a 9:15am. Es necesario registrarse a través de RedCap antes de llegar y es específico para cada escuela. Por favor, utilice el enlace de su escuela específica a continuación(El enlace previamente enviado ya no es válido.):

Se utilizarán pruebas rápidas, por lo que podrá tener su resultado antes de salir. Si no puede esperar su resultado, RedCap le enviará un correo electrónico encriptado (protegido) con su resultado. No se requiere un resultado negativo para regresar a la escuela, pero por favor recuerde seguir las pautas de enfermedad del PCSD cuando determine si su estudiante está bien para regresar a la escuela.

Julie Jackson, RN, BSN

School Nurse
Treasure Mountain Junior High
Park City School District
Fax 435-645-5649

FALL VISION SCREENING - 9th grade only

Vision Screening is here!  TMJH 9th graders only will be vision screened on October 5th and 6th.  The vision screening is a standard distance screening.  The student will stand 10 feet from the chart and say the letters on the chart.  If the student is not able to see the line appropriate for age, they are screened again and then notice is sent home recommending follow up with a health care provider.   If you do not want your child vision screened, please fill out the OPT OUT FORM and return to the front desk by Oct. 1st.


Llegó la hora de tomar el exámen de vision!  Para los alumnos de TMJH en los grado 9 octubre 5 y 6.  Este exámen solo es para tomar la vista de lejos. Cada alumno se parará a una distancia de 10 pies de donde estará el gráfico. Si el alumno no puede ver la línea apropiada para su edad, ellos serán reevaluados y enviados con una notificación para llevar a casa, recomendando que los padres hagan una cita con el professional/oculista del niño(a). Si usted NO desea que su niño(a) sea evaluado para el exámen de vision, por favor envíe una nota escrita notificandonos antes de la fecha de la evaluación que corresponde al grado de su niño(a) Gracias.


Beginning September  7, 2021!

Every Monday through Thursday, after school, students have an opportunity to get help with homework, participate in a club or develop a new interest.  The program runs from 2:45 pm – 4:15 pm. The activity bus is available for students who normally ride the bus to school. Check out the list and days of activities here.

TMJH would like to thank the Park City Education Foundation for their generous grant so that we may provide this fun, safe, learning environment for our students.

activ8- Beginning September 2021!

On our Early Out Fridays, we have a program called activ8. This program is sponsored by the Youth Sports Alliance. Here is the Fall 2021 schedule. (en español)

To register

Attendance Reminder

Due to Covid 19, attendance policies will appropriately addressed but will change depending on the situations.

IMPORTANT!  Read our full Attendance Policy at > Attendance Policy. 

Please send a note or an email to to excuse your student if they will not be attending school.  The note/email must include the student’s full name, the date(s) of absence, and be written by a parent. If your child is experiencing Covid like symptoms, please contact our nurse Julie Jackson at

When students are late for school, they must sign in at the attendance office.  To excuse a tardy for the first period of the day, a parent must email or call the attendance secretary the day of the tardy.  A parent may excuse three 1st period tardies per quarter.  The first 10 minutes of class missed will be counted as tardy. After 10 minutes, the student will be marked absent.

To check out a student during the school day, please call the school from the parking lot and choose Option 1 Attendance Office. Your student will be released from class, check out at the Attendance Office and meet you outside. There is no need for a note from home in advance. During passing periods and/or lunch, students can be difficult to locate quickly. Please plan ahead with your student.


2021-2022 School Fees

The Park City Board of Education affirms the principle that a public education should be free to the patrons of the school district and that barriers to public education should be removed wherever possible. In that effort, the school board has waived the fee requirements for mandatory and academic fees for the 2021-2022 school year. The board’s action is not a categorical waiver of all fees. Fees subject to this action include fees for elective courses and general education expenses. This action does not extend at this time to extracurricular fees and other fees for activities conducted outside the normal hours of the school day. In all cases, remaining school fees are subject to State law and district waiver policy.  Please go to our link for more information regarding school fees and school lunch.

PCSD Mission Statement:

Inspiring and supporting all students equitably to achieve academic and social potential.

TMJH Mission Statement:

Empowering students to reach their full potential in a diverse and dynamic world.

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