Treasure Mountain

Donna Hall

8th Grade Math, SM1 (9th Grade) & Math Extension


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It only gets better . . .

Now and . . .
in 8th grade!

Cool Math Games!
Practice math skills in a fun way.
One-step Equation Basketball
One-step equation Soccer
Hooda Math Games
Sheppard software games
Math Playground 1
Math Playground
rags to riches two step inequalities and equations
Jeopardy Multi Step Equation Review Game
Jeopary Equation review game
Order of Operations 4
Order of Operations 3
Order of Operations 2
Order of Operations 1
Powers 3
Powers 2
Powers 1
Integers Racing
Integer Jeopardy
Integer Driving
Orbit Integer
Jet Ski Integer
Meteor Multiplication
Tractor Pull Multiplication
Drag Race Division
Spider Match
Kitten Match


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