Treasure Mountain Junior High
Treasure Mountain Junior High

Placement Criteria for Honors & AP

Honors Math

Our Honors Math courses offer a rigorous, challenging, faster-paced, Honors-level math curriculum that goes deeper into the concepts learned in the regular Math courses. The Park City School District uses Common Core State Standardscurriculum for Math. The Math Pathways Chart will guide you to which Math courses to take through High School.

Current Park City School District students:

  • Current Ecker Hill 7th graders: Honors Math placement for 8th grade will be determined by Galileo test scores and teacher reccomendation. Placement decisions are final. To register for Honors Math, the Math teacher’s signature is required.
  • Current TMJH 8th graders: Current Math 8 Honors and Math 8 students will be allowed to enroll in SM1 Honors with teacher recommendation. Assessments, grades, and MOY Galileo scores will be considered. Placement decisions are final. To register for Honors Math, the Math teacher’s signature is required.
  • Current TMJH 9th graders: Current Honors Secondary Math I students will advance to Honors Secondary Math II. Students currently in regular Secondary Math I who want to be in Honors next year must take a bridge course over the summer (dates/times to be determined). To register for Honors Math, the Math teacher’s signature is required.

New Students:

The regular grade-level Math classes don’t require testing: 8th Grade Math, 9th Grade Secondary Math I

  • New 8th grade students interested in honors math placement will take the Math Galileo test with Gina Mason at EHMS (please email for an appt. and bring a printed iReady score report (Weilenmann students) to this testing. iReady scores must be at mid to late 7th grade performance level in order to pursue honors placement. If students meet Galileo and iReady criteria, they will take a written honors placement exam.
  • New 9th grade students need to provide a teacher placement recommendation, transcript and participate in a discussion with a TMJH counselor (counselor may request a placement test). Students will be placed in either regular Math or Honors Math based on these results.

Contact the Counseling Office for testing information or to make an appointment.

9th Grade Honors English

A rigorous language arts course offering an additional challenge to high-achieving language arts students. The curriculum requires significant reading and essay writing. Students enrolling in Honors English must sign a contract indicating they understand they may not receive an A in the course and the course cannot be dropped until after 1st quarter.

Summer Assignment: All students going into 9th Grade Honors English are required to complete a summer assignment which will be due the first day of class in August. The summer reading assignment will be posted on June 1, 2018.

9th Grade Biology

Accelerated course introduces students to an in-depth study of living things with an emphasis on laboratory work. Curriculum includes significant reading and homework expectations. Students will not be allowed to transfer out of the class until after 1st quarter.

9th Grade AP Geography

AP Geography is an open-enrollment course.

This is a college level course taught from a college text using college methodologies.

At the end of the school year, students will take the national AP examination in Human Geography (there is a fee to take the test). Students receiving a passing grade may be given college credit. Students who complete AP Human Geography are encouraged to go on to AP World History as sophomores.

Students will not be allowed to drop this class until the end of 1st quarter, pending teacher recommendation.

We offer Spanish, French & Mandarin Chinese (9th grade). If beginning a new language, register for Level I. If continuing a language, register for the next level. Teachers assess students the first week of class and recommend placement changes when necessary.