Treasure Mountain

TMJH Mission, Vision, and Commitments

Mission Statement:

Empowering students to reach their full potential in a diverse and dynamic world.

Vision Statement:

In order to empower students to reach their full potential in a diverse and dynamic world, at TMJH we:

  • Provide a rigorous, standards-based curriculum, preparing students to succeed in high school and in a variety of post-high school opportunities.
  • Create an environment of educational excellence by using developmentally-appropriate instructional strategies to address individual learning strengths, including flexible learning time so that learning is the constant and time is the variable.
  • Develop students' intrinsic motivation and their ownership of learning by making content relevant to their lives and by holding students accountable for their learning.
  • Commit to collaborative practices that ensure continuous improvement.
  • Establish a caring, respectful environment in which all members of the TMJH community can feel supported and safe emotionally, intellectually, and physically.

Collective Commitments:

We have established these guiding principles as a basis for our values as teachers and professionals at Treasure Mountain Junior High School. They are intended as a means for informal personal reflection and are not intended to be used in the formal evaluation process. They represent our shared purpose and will continue to guide us as educators.

  1. We will establish learning targets aligned to state standards and a consistent Guaranteed Viable Curriculum.
  2. We will be problem solvers, working collaboratively towards continuous growth and solutions.
  3. We will analyze assessment results and identify students who require targeted reteaching or enrichment.
  4. We will have open, authentic, and respectful communication with all stakeholders, assuming good intent from all parties.
  5. We will focus on relevancy in curriculum.
  6. We will create a caring, respectful, and safe school environment with consistent classroom expectations and consequences.
  7. We will be open to change; we are willing to be vulnerable and to engage in critical conversations that lead to professional growth.
  8. We will be innovators and risk takers.
  9. We will look for the best in both colleagues and students; we will support and have compassion for each other.

The following are in addition to our commitments as teachers.

  1. We will establish relationships with students whenever possible, even through discipline and other difficult and complex scenarios.
  2. We will support teachers by communicating, being transparent, and allocating resources and information.
  3. We will work to integrate more time for both students and teachers to do good work by looking at scheduling possibilities and by communicating with the district office and other admin.
  4. We will promote a system of consistent and positive behavior expectations that ensures recognition and accountability for the entire TMJH community.