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TMJH Academic Support Services Brochure 2015-16
Servicios Refuerzo Académico de TMJH 2015-16

School-Sponsored FREE Academic Supports:

iTime (intervention time) is a built-in, flexible-learning time we use to meet all students at their point of need. Teachers will request that students attend their iTime sessions if they need re-teaching or more time to master concepts; students are required to attend these sessions. Students may self-select to attend a teacher's session if they recognize they need more help in class or want a quiet, focused place to work. iTime is an essential part of the school day and will take place for 30 minutes between third and fourth periods, Tuesday through Friday (no iTime on early-out Mondays).

Instructional Support is an alternative education support class designed for students who need supplemental help in general education classes. This class emphasizes effective study skills, time management, test preparation, learning and reading strategies while providing directed study time.

After School Homework Club is a teacher-supervised after school homework club that is available to all students who need that extra help with their schoolwork or just need some quiet time to complete their assignments.

Math Lab is provided by our math department, offering math tutoring to TMJH students before and after school.

Hora de Español offers Spanish tutoring to TMJH students, provided by our Spanish World Language department one day a week.

English Lab is open to any student who needs extra help with their Language Arts assignments.

(An After-School Activity Bus is available to bus-eligible students who participate in school sponsored after school activities. See the After-School Activity Bus page or see the front office for the schedule.)

Tutoring Options:

PCHS Student Tutors
A list of PCHS Student Tutors is available in the TMJH Counseling Office and the PCHS Counseling Center. There is no charge for this service. Contact the tutors directly for subjects and availability.

Private Tutors
A list of district-approved private tutors is available in the front office, the counseling office, and at the district office. Contact the tutors directly for schedules, subjects, and fees. (If you are interested in being a district-approved tutor, contact the district office at 435-645-5600.)

Community Tutoring Options
These programs are not endorsed by the Park City School District, and are listed here for informational purposes only. Contact the business directly for information.
Mega Genius Supply Store & IQ Deli
Educational Advantage
Aptitude Academics
Out of Bounds Education