Treasure Mountain

Clubs and Activities

Most clubs and activities carry over year to year, but all are subject to change. For more information, contact the club's advisor listed below, or see the Main Office.

Athletic Opportunities
9th graders may participate in PCHS sports. See the Sports page for more information. Click here for community sports opportunities for all ages. Contact: Athletics/Activities Director, Jamie Sheetz (PCHS)

DJ Club
Advisor: Mr. Jensen (Counseling Office)

TMJH has a play and a musical each year. We will begin making school announcements as auditions near. After school commitment is required for rehearsals and setup. Advisor: Mr. Kimball

Magic The Gathering Club
Advisor: Mr. Jensen (Counseling Office)

Math Tutoring Labs
Our math department offers FREE math tutoring to TMJH students before and after school. See the Tutoring page in the Counseling section for more tutoring options. Advisors: Mr. Macias (Room 25) and Ms. Hodge (Room 29).

MathCounts 8th Grade Math Club
This national Middle School program encourages students to increase their math skills through learning and competition. Having math as your best subject is NOT required to join! Come with a desire to learn and work together to solve fun math problems and puzzles. See for more information about the program. Advisor: Mr. Bleil (Room 27)

Mustang After School Academy
Treasure Mountain is offering an adult-supervised after school homework help program and various activities and clubs for students to participate in. The program will begin September 27th and runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 2:45 to 3:45p. Advisor: Ms. Jenkins, Assistant Principal

National Junior Honor Society (NJHS)
NJHS is a worldwide organization that promotes citizenship, service, leadership, scholarship, and character. Members must maintain a 3.5 grade point average and become good citizens by participating in service projects. For more information, please see the the NJHS page. Advisor: Ms. McKenna

PCHS Robotics Club
Team Robominers... It's not just for geeks! For information, see the PCHS Robotics website: Advisor: Ms. Henderson (PCHS)

Spanish Tutoring Labs (hora de español)
Our Spanish World Language department offers FREE tutoring to TMJH students after school! See the Tutoring page in the Counseling section for more tutoring options. Advisors: TMJH Spanish teachers

Student Council
Take a leadership position at TMJH! See the Student Council page. Advisor: Ms. Henry (Room 15)

¡Viva Español!
The purpose of this club is to practice the Spanish language, explore culture, geography, and travel. Advisor: Ms. Armistead (Room 11)

Clubs at Park City High School that accept TMJH students
Debate Club - grades 8-12, meet Wednesdays after school, contact Ms. Ellsworth-Nielson at PCHS (Rm 147)
Dungeons and Dragons Club - grades 8-12, meet Tuesdays after school, contact Mr. Potts at PCHS (Rm 137)
End Violence Now Club - grades 8-12, sensitive/mature topics discussed, contact Ms. Haslem at PCHS (Rm 144)
Fandom Club - grades 8-12, contact Mr. Ray at PCHS (Rm 156)
Gay Straight Alliance - grades 9-12, mature topics, parent permission slip required, contact Ms. Purzycki at PCHS (Rm 141)
HOSA - grades 9-12, contact Ms. Purzycki at PCHS (Rm 141)
Photography Club - grades 8-12, meet Wed after school once a month, contact Ms. Star at PCHS (Rm 30/34)
Tech Club - grades 8-12, learn about programming, after school Tues, Thurs, and Fri, contact Mr. Nordfelt at PCHS (Rm 247)
The Thirst Project Club - grades 8-12, contact Ms. Mott at PCHS (Rm 144/258)