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Park City School District

End of Year SAGE Testing

The SAGE end of year testing window opens Monday, May 4th and closes Wednesday, May 27th. Your student's English, Math, and Science teachers will know specific dates of testing for their subjects. For more information, see our SAGE Summative page. For information about opting-out of state level testing, see the district's Parent Consent for Non-Participation in State Level Testing (Opt Out) page (Consentimiento de No Participación).

EPA Recently Sampled Soils at TMJH

Lead concentrations in the surface soils were elevated, averaging about 1600 ppm with a couple of sampling locations as high as 19,000 ppm. Students at TMJH are unlikely to be adversely effected by the lead found in soils at the school because:

  • People typically only come into contact with and ingest the very surface layer of the soil (less than 1 inch in depth).
  • The lead-contaminated soil at TMJH is beneath 2 inches of clean sod and grass which forms a protective barrier
  • As long as the sod and grass are intact, students should not be coming into contact with lead. If there is no exposure, then there is no risk.
  • The bare areas in the field had low levels of lead which do not present a health concern during recreational activities.
  • Adolescents are not as susceptible to the adverse effects of lead as younger children (less than 7 years) are. Children less than 7 years of age are particularly susceptible to the effects of lead exposure because their neurological systems are rapidly developing, they ingest more soil, and they absorb lead more readily from their stomachs (their body thinks that lead is calcium). This is why they are more at risk for neurological effects such as attention deficit disorder, decreased attention span, and IQ deficits.
  • As children grow older, these physiological conditions change and it takes significantly higher levels of lead to cause an adverse effect. Adults and adolescents can regularly work around lead contaminated soils averaging 2000 ppm without a concern for adverse effects. The soils directly under the sod average about 1600 ppm lead.
  • The Park City Ordinance is intended to be protective of young children (less than 7 years of age) who live at their residence 24 hours/day and come into contact with bare soil every day. Students only come into contact with the fields and school exterior a few hours out of the day during the school year, so exposure is limited.

For those parents who think their children may have been exposed to elevated levels of lead in soil, a simple blood lead test may be helpful. We suggest you contact your personal physician to obtain a blood lead test. The Summit County Health Department (435) 333-0014 can also assist in the interpretation of blood lead results and provide guidance on protecting your child from lead poisoning.

For additional information on lead toxicity contact:

Utah Department of Environmental Quality (801) 536-4400
The National Lead Information Center 1-800-424-LEAD (5323)
EPA’s Web Site on Lead



Q4 Midterm Week will be May 4-8. Midterm Progress Reports will be mailed home on Friday, May 8th, to all students earning at least one D or F as of 3:00pm on May 6th.

Summer Transportation Camp at the University of Utah

Summer Transportation Camp for 2015-16 9th grade boys and girls
University of Utah, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
July 13-17, 8:00am-5:00pm daily

Explore engineering in this week-long event dedicated to introducing 2015-16 9th grade high school students to the transportation industry.

Participants will experience hands on activities while working with the professional researchers and faculty of the University of Utah. Participants will have the opportunity to experience on campus amenities, field trips and explore career opportunities while focusing on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fundamentals. This is a free of charge, non-residential five-day event. For more information and to apply, go to (students are encouraged to apply by May 29th).


Board of Education Academic Seal

PCHS graduates are eligible to receive the Board of Education Academic Seal of Distinction on their diploma if they complete the requirements in grades 9-12. Requirements include a minimum number of credits in specific subject areas, a minimum 3.0 GPA, and completion of 25 hours of community service per year. For more information, see the Board of Education Academic Seal page.

IMPORTANT: For those who want to be eligible, 9th grade Intent to Qualify and Verification of Community Service Forms are due June 3rd!

Other Recent News

Dance Concert

The Park City High School/Treasure Mountain Junior High Dance Department is proud to present the annual PCHS Dance Concert on May 6 and 7 at 7:00pm at the Eccles Theater. Tickets are available at the door: $5 Students, $7 General Admission. It will be a fun, diverse, and entertaining show! We'd love your support!


Student Artwork on Display

Friday, April 24, is the grand opening of the Wasatch Back Student Art Show at the Kimball Art Center. TMJH has about 50 entries! It's so great to see our students' work hung in a professional art gallery! If you can't make it to the grand opening, the show runs through May 17. The Kimball Art Center is open Monday-Thursday 9-5, Friday 9-7, Saturday 12-7, and Sunday 12-5.


New Student Enrollment for 2015-16

Will you be enrolling a NEW student at TMJH for the 2015-16 school year? See the New Student Enrollment page for pre-enrollment information. We encourage you to pre-enroll by June 12th to ensure a smooth start to the school year.

(NOTE: Ecker Hill 7th graders will automatically transfer to Treasure Mountain for 8th grade as "returning students," not new students. You will do the back-to-school registration in August. There is nothing you need to do now.)


Honor Roll Certificates

If you would like a printed Honor Roll Certificate for your student, please contact Bev in the front office at 435-645-5640 or


9th Grade Lagoon Day - Payment deadline May 15

The 9th Grade End-of-Year Celebration at Lagoon is scheduled for June 4th. The cost is $45 per person ($10 if you already have a season pass), and includes Lagoon entrance fee, lunch, and transportation both ways from/to TMJH. Payments are collected by the front office. Payment deadline is May 15. Spend the last day of school with your friends having fun at Lagoon - Sign Up Now!


Auditions for Junior Dance Company

Auditions are two days--one day of clinic and one day of auditions. BOTH DAYS ARE REQUIRED. If you cannot attend both days, you need to speak with Ms. Mott (PCHS).

Clinic (learn dances): Thursday, May 14, 2:30-6:00pm in the PCHS Main Gym, Dance Room, and Black Box
Audition (panel of 3 judges): Friday, May 15, 2:30-6:30pm in the PCHS Main Gym and Dance Room